DYLAN, who is severely multiply impaired, was invited to participate in a local county fair in 2004. By using The Independence Saddle he could take part in the fair, sit independently, and compete with a number of other riders. His family shared his incredible pride at the end of the competition as Dylan received a ribbon and trophy for his outstanding achievement among other riders who rode in the same class.

The Independence Saddle provides an experience for the rider - one of many life experiences often unavailable to those with multiple physical disabilities and challenges. Contact us today for a free brochure.

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The future of horseback riding for those with physical challenges is no longer limited. The Independence Saddle provides freedom and eliminates barriers that individuals with severe physical challenges experience. The rider is most capable of participating in recreational or therapeutic horseback riding activities.

HALLE loved riding horses, but her cerebral palsy made it impossible unless her brother was sitting behind her to hold her in the saddle. Within weeks of using The Independence Saddle, her parents saw marked improvement in both her physical and emotional health. Halle's strength, flexibility, and range of motion increased dramatically in both her joints and muscles. She also experienced noticeable improvements in the function of her respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems. Most importantly, she developed a new self-confidence and a fresh enthusiasm for life.

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