Therapeutic riding opens up a whole new world of movement, animals, freedom and fun. The Independence Saddle is a specialized horse saddle for people with severe disabilities based on the MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education) principles and concepts:

  • Positions the rider allowing them to interact more easily with the horse
  • Promotes balance, head, and trunk control

  • Improves digestion, breathing, circulation

  • Increased range of motion for muscles and joints

  • Promotes correct posture while feeling secure, supported, and independent

As a Class 1 medical device, our saddle is designed to make it easier for the sidewalkers and at the same time empower the rider to sit independently.

Therapeutic horsemanship centers around the world use equine-oriented activities to promote and enhance self-esteem and the development of cognitive, physical, and communicative abilities. The Independence Saddle provides riders the tools to experience whatever they are dreaming. In addition, by eliminating the need for a backrider, the welfare of therapy horses is no longer compromised.

The benefits of therapeutic riding have gained international recognition. The interaction with another living being and the special bond people form with animals is leveraged as a therapeutic tool. The rhythmic, three-dimensional movement of the horse provides numerous physical benefits such as:

  • alteration of muscle tone

  • stimulation and strengthening unused muscles

  • improved balance and coordination

  • low impact exercise

  • neurodevelopmental training

  • improved spinal flexibility

Riding a horse often provides unique and profound therapy for many people. The Independence Saddle offers a new way for the rider with multiple impairments to participate in equestrian therapy with great confidence and dignity.